Call for Art – PORTRAIT

Hello everyone!  Long time no see but it’s because a few things have been in the works that I’ve been waiting to 100% solidify before putting them out there into the world.

I’ve been collaborating with the ArtExchange on programming approximately 2000 sq. ft. of exhibition space in downtown Long Beach and it’s time to get the ball rolling.  The galleries are located at 354 e. 3rd st. between Elm and Long Beach Blvd. and we are seeking proposals from Artists and Arts Organizations for exhibitions in 2012 & 2013.

We are also currently seeking Portraiture for a show opening June 9th, 2012.  Get your submissions in as the DEADLINE is May 12th, 2012.  Make sure anyone you know who makes good art knows about this!!!


Open Call – PORTRAIT: June 9th – June 30th 2012

ARTX | Long Beach is pleased to announce an open call for artists to submit works for a Community Juried Exhibition of Portraiture; Professionals, Emerging Artists and Students are encouraged to apply. This call for entries is open to visual artists working in any medium (e.g. Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed and Digital Arts). The impetus is to open the galleries to community participation and create an exhibition space that shows the Highest Quality Art Southern California has to offer.

-Submit up to five (5) entries (jpg format) and completed submission form to

-All artwork must be original and completed within the last three years.

-Artists must reside in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Orange County.

-Submission deadline is Saturday May 12th, 2012.

-Notification of jury’s decision will be emailed on Sunday May 20th, 2012.

-Each selected artwork will require a $10 dollar facilities fee. This fee covers the cost of expendables related to installation and promotion of the exhibition.

-Opening reception will be held June 9th from 4-10pm.


Submission Form

Name:________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________ Website:_______________________________________________________


TITLE________________________________________________DATE___________ MEDIUM__________________________________DIMENSIONS________________ FILE NAME_____________________________


TITLE________________________________________________DATE___________ MEDIUM__________________________________DIMENSIONS________________ FILE NAME_____________________________


TITLE________________________________________________DATE___________ MEDIUM__________________________________DIMENSIONS________________ FILE NAME_____________________________


TITLE________________________________________________DATE___________ MEDIUM__________________________________DIMENSIONS________________ FILE NAME_____________________________


TITLE________________________________________________DATE___________ MEDIUM__________________________________DIMENSIONS________________ FILE NAME_____________________________

ARTIST SIGNATURE:_____________________________________ DATE:_________________ *By signing this contract you are agreeing to the “Responsibilities of Parties Involved” listed below.


● Care and preservation: The exhibition center will give objects left in the custody the same care provided similar property of its own. Evidence of damage to objects at the time of receipt or while in custody will be reported immediately to the Lender. No alteration, restoration, or repair to the objects will be undertaken without the written authorization of the Lender. The Lender certifies that the objects loaned are in good condition and will withstand the ordinary strains of installation, packing, and transportation.

● Insurance: Insurance coverage for the value of the object is the sole responsibility of the Lender. ARTX does not provide insurance coverage for any object in its possession.

● Value of Objects Loaned: The value of the object(s) loaned under this agreement needs to be established by the Lender. The Lender declares this value in good faith, and upon request, can provide evidence to support.

● Publicity and Photographs: Unless ARTX is notified in writing to the contrary at the time the object(s) is/are loaned, it is understood the objects on loan may be photographed and reproduced exclusively for publicity purposes connected with the exhibition, for exhibition documentation, and for educational purposes.

● Return of loans: Upon expiration of the loan, the object(s) will be released to the lender according to the terms listed under “shipping” in this agreement.

● Shipping: All works will be brought to ARTX by the Lender or Lender’s representative. The Lender will be responsible for all charges incurred for the delivery of the work.

● Abandoned Property: Property subject to the loan agreement which is on loan to ARTX shall be deemed to be donated to ARTX if the Lender makes no claim or files no action to recover the property within sixty (60) days after the termination of the exhibition or expiration of the loan term.

That is that, this is it.

Regretfully I must inform you that Residence Gallery will be no more after 11.26.11.  To send us off in style we are having our Last, Last Saturdays party.  Our good friends and long time supporters, Fort Wife, will be kicking out the jams and the exhibition “Oh, ancient maze of mystery, where will we spend our eternity?”  by Impossible Moon will be up for one last hurrah.

Come get your drink and your two step on and wish us a fond farewell.

And we still have these radical screen prints for sale just in time for your holiday shopping.  Get someone you know something awesome from Camp Design Group for only $25.

Oh, and Evan from the Bicycle Salon show is opening up a new bike shop.  Support your local curator and small business person.

And my new site is here…
❤  Frank

Oh, ancient maze of mystery, where will we spend our eternity? 

You are Cordially Invited – October 29th, 2011 – 6-10pm

Residence Gallery is pleased to present our October Last Saturday exhibition courtesy of Impossible Moon.

Artist group, Impossible Moon, explore the unknown. Christine Nguyen and Michael Wysong, from Southern California, are fascinated by the diverse ecologies in their surrounding habitats as well as the imagined ones of beyond… Uncovering mysterious worlds, they share their record of making, looking, and play through personal visceral experiences. The universe agrees.

Residence Gallery is located at 2148 E. 4th St.  Lb, Ca 90814.


 And the music is going to be something not to miss…

Secret Spells:

Secret Spells are ancient cosmic life forms. As they became telepathically tethered, they called upon mysterious portals to other worlds, creating a thousand different versions of themselves. Oh, ancient maze of mystery, where will we spend our eternity?  The Lady of the Moon declares, “life without mystery… boring!”

Sea Moon:

Sea Moon, born as a frozen crystal, is a child of the universe. On a quest for the invisible, she embodies both the sea and the moon connecting those two mysterious worlds. She currently lives by the Pacific Ocean and creates music inspired by its depths, the cosmos, wonders of nature, the supernatural, the magical, and the sciences.

Miniature Houses:

Miniature Houses are comprised of singer-songwriters Michael Wysong, Lili De La Mora, and multi-instrumentalist Tai Tajima, from Long Beach, California. Mixing elements of folk and pop with delicate harmonies, melodica, bells, and acoustic guitar, their sound draws upon that pre-dawn feeling of melancholy and heartache. Joined by Andrew Pompey and Davin Givhan, on drums and bass, Miniature Houses are currently recording an album, produced by Chris Schlarb, set to be release Winter 2011.


Riding a wave of reverb, Whalesound was conceived out of the moments between waking and sleeping consciousness to chronicle that hidden place between the mundane and transcendent

During an early sonic experiment, we spotted a flock of tropical birds from the corner of our eyes, later revealed as multicolored tissue paper clinging to branches.  That very night underwater explorers surfaced with family portraits of relatives we had never met before.

P.S.  Costumes are definitely encouraged, think of it as a pre-party to your Party Party!!!

SLOW-BURNER – This Saturday September 24th – Update!


In case you’ve been under a rock…

Residence Gallery is pleased to be opening our next exhibition SLOW-BURNER this Saturday, September 24th from 6-10PM.

Back by popular demand, Dogzilla Hotdogs has been added to the festivities out back for your eating pleasure.  Trust me, after having 2 last time they were here, I can tell you that they’re AMAZING!!! (especially if they have eggs to fry on top)

Almost forgot, Psychedelic Partners will be spinning the jamz and 4th St. Vine is having an Oktoberfest, wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

Be There.


  • FURIKAKE = Japanese Seasoning consisting of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, salt, and sugar
  • JAYO = Japanese Mayonnaise
  • OKONOMI SAUCE = Tangy Japanese BBQ Sauce
  • NORI = Roasted Seaweed Strips
  • AO NORI = Ground Seaweed


Opening Reception for SLOW-BURNER () Saturday, September 24th 2011

Time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change such as the motions of objects. The temporal position of events with respect to the transitory present is continually changing; future events become present, then pass further and further into the past. – from Wikipedia

The image with consideration of time becomes antiquated. Simply recreating it will forever shrink the gap between space and time. SLOW-BURNERwill define an interaction between the physicality and actuality of the image; celebrating the moment and restructuring time by constructing it in its physical form.


SLOW-BURNER is curated by Ryan Beckemeyer (Bartholomew) with an exhibition to be held at Residence Gallery in Long Beach, California. A PDF will be released documenting the project after the opening on September 24.

Featuring work from Maryanne CasasantaDavid Brandon Geeting, Brandon Harris, Alex MartinezOscar MendozaMatt Morgan, Gina Stine and Johan Svensson. Audio out back by Psychedelic Partners.

September 24, 2011
6:00 – 10:00 PM

Residence Gallery
2148 East 4th Street
Long Beach, California

August 27th, Last Saturday – Opening Reception for PARTIAL RELATION

Partial Relation is a group exhibition of new media, photography, sculpture and collage works on paper that engage with the concept of appropriation and regeneration. The artists in this exhibition are working to reconfigure existing materials into concepts that are both malleable and deliberate.

Joe Grimm’s Transitions is a pseudo-structuralist, camera-less amalgam of manipulated Final Cut Pro Software transition screens, displayed on a tower of stacked monitors.  For Partial Relation, Grimm created an object that combines the artist’s performative and installation work. The result is a dynamic rhythmic pattern of light and sound. 

In his collage practice, Travis Wyche combines material from items both personal and discarded; to develop intricate and complex works on paper. A constant theme within Wyche’s oeuvre is an interest in regenerative systems. The collage series marks a transitive stage within the artist’s work, and offers a glimpse into the process that has led him to explore the dematerialization of the art object, re-materialized into the viewer’s experience. 

The built environments that Daniel Lavitt creates are reflexive of memories and happenings both personal and universal. Through his work Daniel continually examines and reinvents his relationship to the domestic and social environment. For Partial Relation Lavitt has created a layered, sculptural object that is comprised of discarded remnants of another person’s life; which serve as a conduit through which the artist explores his own discarded past. 

Trevor Messersmith’s Covered series is a photographic body of work in which the artist appropriates the formal content of original self-portraits created by famous photographers, and casts himself as object of the artist’s gaze. The resultant imagery is performative and represents the artist’s influences, art history, and self-perception. 

Partial Relation, curated by Allison Glenn, is on view at Residence Gallery from August 23 through September 17, 2011. The opening reception will take place Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 6:00-10:00 p.m.

Residence Gallery is located at 2148 E. 4th St. in Long Beach, CA 90814

Ryan Ward – Saturday, June 25th

Please join us this Saturday, June 25th for the opening of Ryan Ward – New Works.

Residence Gallery will be open from 6-11pm with DJ’s Beef and Rico supplying the tunes, Dogzilla supplying the eats, Shelter Surf supplying a flick out back (with live narration from the director) and as always, 4th St. Vine will be supplying the liquid courage. It’s going to be a good one!!!

Ryan Ward is an artist living and working in the Historic District of Orange, CA. His new body of work consists of chemical transfers on archival paper with subject matter ranging from photos taken on a recent trip to Nicaragua, to the surf and skate heroes of California.



Screen Prints, Bicycles and Bands… OH MY!

Check it out!  We commissioned a VERY limited edition Screen Print from our friends Camp Design Group for the Bicycle Salon show and we still have a few left for sale.  They are $25 each and that money guaranteed goes to the incredibly good cause of running the gallery and having good times, so email if you want one (paypal works too.)

Also, if you missed the opening for the LB Bicycle Salon, the Gallery will be open this evening, June 3rd, from 7:30-10:30(ish) due to the fact that Shelter Surf is having the Mattson Two, Seth Pettersen and Rad Cloud kick out some jamz starting at 8pm.  $5 Donation for the show and there will be food in back from The Flip Truck .

The FaceBook event is HERE

MAY… we all get together this Saturday and have some fun?

May 28th, 6-10pm

You guessed it, May’s Last Saturday Artwalk is quickly approaching!!!

This month Residence Gallery is proud to present The Long Beach Bicycle Salon, a show co-curated by Evan Whitener.

The exhibition features incredible examples of classic road, touring and cruiser bicycles, as well as custom (handmade in LB even) steel road frames by Adam DeHart.  Joining the bicycles we will be showing two very special, and very limited edition, screen prints commissioned by the Gallery courtesy of Cristina Platis and Camp Design Group.  They will be for sale for $20 and $25 dollars respectively so bringing a little spending cash wouldn’t hurt.  And last but definitely not least will be paintings by the incredibly talented Jessica Fife.

Oh, and I better not forget that inside Shelter – Rumspringa and Tall Tales will be rockin’ out with their guitars out, and in the parking lot Dos Chinos will be serving up the eats.

We even got a blurb in the Grunion Gazette!

This is gonna get crazy…

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Art Thoughtz… And a Fucking Amazing Night.

Long Beach can be a tad difficult but it’s those very moments that sometimes really surprise me. Perfect Art, Music, Food, People, Weather and Vibes combined to make a night that will have people talking.  It was CRAZY busy and we can only hope for more next month.  Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday night, without each and every one of you this wouldn’t be possible (or fun)!!!

And if you weren’t there it’d be nice to see you at Last Saturdays on May 28th so that you can up our fun quotient. – Best steak and fries EVER! – Thanks for the truck and the cream!

And now…  HenRock-Obama.

P.S.  I prefer lilies but do love getting drunk.